Fire Works, Part 1- In & Through

On Sunday, we kicked off our new series about the book of Acts. There are many people who focus only on the gospels and skip over Acts entirely, and there are others who only concentrate on Acts, but can't tell you about salvation and the cross. It's so important to have an understanding of both! Jesus' suffering on the cross was for our atonement because He loves us so much. The cross became a beautiful collision of the justice & love of God. He didn't have to do it, but He chose to for you & for me. Thank you, Jesus! He also gave us the promise of a gift, the Holy Spirit. This gift will empower us (putting His super on our natural), unify us (even servants can receive it), purify us (give us the ability to be convicted & bear fruit), and reveal to us (help guide us & make us aware). The purpose is for us to be His witnesses. Let's engage culture and share it everywhere we go! FORWARD LIFE HANDOUT 


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